Fab 48 Tournament FAQ

Q: What are the Dates for this year's Fab 48?
A: All Fab 48 Events ...
Tip Off Challenge: July 25
LV Fab 48 Boys 15U-17U: July 25-29
Girls Fab 48 Hoops 15U-17U & Grades 3-8: July 26-29
JR Fab 48 Hoops (3-8th grades) July 25-28

Fab 48 Hoops Finale  9U-17U Boys & Girls July 30 - Aug 1

Q: When do you have to register?
A: Tournament slots are held on a first-come/first-serve basis. To secure you spot register ASAP

Q: When do we need to arrive and where is check-in?
A: 15u-17u boys have to check in their team as a group. We will do a quick roster check, and then you can pick up T-shirts and Gatorade for each player. Wednesday July 25th from 10:00am-10:00pm at Desert Oasis HS. Teams not arriving until Thursday can check-in from 8am-6pm at Desert Oasis HS.

15u-17u & 5-8 Grade girls and JR Fab 48 Boys 3-8 grade teams have to check in Tuesday July 24th at Bishop Gorman High School from 5pm-9pm or Wednesday from 10am-6pm.

Fab 48 Hoops Finale Teams have to check in on Sunday July 29th at Bishop Gorman HS from 5pm-9pm or Monday from 10am-3pm.

Q: Where is check in?
A: LV Fab 48 Boys & Girls 15-17u
Desert Oasis HS: 6600 W Erie Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89141
Wednesday 7/25 10am-10pm
Thursday 7/26 8am-6pm (for teams not arriving until Thursday).

Fab 48 Hoops Junior Boys & Girls (3-8 grades)

Bishop Gorman HS: 5959 S Hualapai Way, Las Vegas, NV 89148
Tuesday 7/24 5pm-9pm
Wednesday 7/25 10am-6pm 

Fab 48 Hoops Finale - All Teams

Bishop Gorman HS: 5959 S Hualapai Way, Las Vegas, NV 89148
Sunday 7/29 5pm-9pm
Monday 7/30 10am-3pm

The ENTIRE team must come to Team Check-In together as a team including ALL coaches and ALL athletes.

Required documents: birth certificates (copy fine) and report card to verify grade level 2017-2018.Map is available on our website under the “Venues” section.

Q: Because of my flight situation, I may not be able to arrive until the morning of my first game. What do I do?
A: Make sure you arrive before your game. You cannot play your game until you have checked in. Report straight to Desert Oasis HS.

Q: Will everyone play at 8:00am?
A: No. Your 1st game could be 4pm. But all teams should be prepared to play at 8:00am.

Q: How many games do we get to play?
A: Everyone is guaranteed 4 games.

Q: What Girls Divisions will you have?
A: 15U-17U & Grades 3-8.

Q: Who are the Directors of this Tournament?
A: Grant Rice (Bishop Gorman High School Coach),
Gary Charles (www.TipOfTheHatHoops.com), and
Dinos Trigonis (Pangos Tournament & Pangos All –American Camp)

Q: Do you have to be Invited to the Fab 48?
A: No. Anyone is eligible to play in the Fab 48

Q: How do you make the determination on which team you put in a division?
A: We base it on Team History, Roster Strength, how you faired in the spring, who you played against, and scouting reports.

Q: How many 17u Divisions do you have?
A: We have the Invite, Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver Divisions and we may have to create another division.

Q: What about the playoffs?
A: TBD but only 32 teams will advance to the Championship rounds.

Q: What happen to the 3rd and 4th place teams?
A: 3rd place teams will go to the overall Bronze championship which will include teams from the Invite, Diamond, Platinum and Gold divisions. The 4th place teams will get a consolation game.

Q: What time are the championship games on Sunday?
A: 17 Invite 3:00pm; 17 Diamond: 3:00pm, 17 Platinum: 1:50pm, 17 Gold: 4:10pm, 16 Invite: 6:30pm, 16 Diamond: 6:30pm, 15 Invite: 4:10pm, 15 Diamond: 7:40pm

Q: Where will the championship games be held at?
A: The championship games for the 15u-17u boys will be held at Bishop Gorman High School. Girls and JR Fab 48 to be determined.

Q: What time are the championship games for Jr Fab 48?
A: We haven’t finalized the Jr Fab 48 yet, but no championship games will start after 7pm.

Q: When will the schedule be posted?
A: Tourney schedule is officially posted the Sunday prior to start of the event.

Q: What Does Stay & Play mean?
A: It means in order to play in this event you need to make room reservations from our hotel listing. We have partnered up with hotels across Las Vegas to get the best rates possible. Also, you can give your room listing to our travel group without paying right away. Our Travel group has put in enormous amount of hours to make this as pleasant as possible for you.

We want to thank everyone ahead of time for participating in the Fab 48 Tournament. YOU are what make this event GREAT!